Our Approach to Web Design

This is true in real life,.. but even more so, online.

Your website is a direct reflection of the offline business that it represents. And often, the first point of contact for potential new clients or customers of that business.

Within seconds of arriving at a site, visitors will make judgements about your business and how reputable (and more importantly - how trustworthy) they believe it to be - without even knowing a sinlge thing about it.

How it looks, how it is found, how fast, easy & intuitive it is to use, how it performs, delivers results & how it functions and feels are the key factors that influence that all important first impression. And in most cases, determine whether a visitor will choose to engage with you (stay)... or, click the red X and leave immediately.

At Pixels, we understand this

We understand why really paying attention to detail makes a HUGE difference between an 'OK' website and an 'excellent' one.

It takes a lot of time, thought, planning, knowledge and expertise to design, develop and code an excellent, highly functional online business. But is is worth it.

Have a look around, explore our work, both past and present. If you like what you see, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.